Catfish (Part 2)

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These pictures are of the conceptual art installation that documents the experience of our character. My group members and I decided to screen shot the list of friends that our character, Marina, made on Facebook (at the time of the installation it was 169) , as well as all the messages she got from people who had either accepted our friend requests to them or who had friended us. Many of them were hellos and “you’re beautiful!” We wanted to display how readily this fake person had been accepted by strangers over the internet.

To the right of this 40″ x  80″ page of messages and friend requests, we put up pictures of Marina’s “artwork” and, below it, an amalgamation of the journals we had each written from our own perspectives and from the perspective of the character. On a table in front of the wall where all this is tacked up, was a computer displaying the Tumblr page we created where we posted all of Marina’s artwork. We created this additional social media site for her in order to give her a larger online presence and ultimately more credibility.

Also on the table are the beanie and the lipstick that I wore dressed as Marina. A big part of her character is her predictability in dress- she’s meant to look very artsy, and the beanie especially fits that stereotype, it was an element that we thought someone like her would wear. The dark lipstick was something that I personally thought would suit her because it was so unlike something I would where. As my group members and I thought of ways to dress our character, we listed off ideas of what this artsy person would look like, and I thought consistently of her style in relation to my own.


Here are photographs taken of me as Marina Ryland that were posted to the Facebook page.




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