Invented Media and Implication (Project 7): Process


After working with the hair for a while, I decided to spread it out across the canvas more, over the dark outlines, rather than bunching it up into lopsided shapes. I will continue to create layers on the canvas, but with the light-colored, real hair- using them as highlights to form the shaped of the domes and arches of the architecture below the surface’s web of black hair.




I decided to begin tracing the sketch I made with the fake hair, because it’s the darkest. The second image is a rough idea of what I’m thinking of doing. I want to lay more of the black hair down to create a kind of silhouette, then place the lighter hair (the real hair) over it to create highlights. I’m still messing with it so I don’t know how it will work.

image (1)

image (2)



This is the preliminary sketch with some hair placed on the board. The images I used for the drawings are photographs of different religious buildings: a chapel in Pennsylvania, the Pislen synagogue in the Czech Republic, and the Abdul Rahman Khan Mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan.


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