Bag Process

Beginning Stages:

I began my research by looking at bags made of reusable materials, and thought about how some birds have begun using man-made materials like plastic to form their nests. The white model below was based off images of hanging birds’ nests.¬†While I eventually shifted my focus from birds to silkworms and moths, I still was really interested in maintaining the idea of constructing organic forms from inorganic materials.

These were the first models I made. This first cocoon/chrysalis model transforms into a larvae, but I needed the transformation of the bag to strengthen the awareness I wanted the bag to bring.

Here are the preliminary drawings of the chrysalis bag. I marked the parts where the zippers will connect with colored pencil.

After making patterns, I began fusing plastic bags together and cutting them out.

Installing the zipper:

Final touches:

top handle and front growth added

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