Anton Bruhin – INOUT

INOUT was recorded on a Sanyo M7300L stereo radio cassette recorder with both an integrated and external microphone.

The recorder is in the recording standby position, both RECORD and PAUSE buttons are pushed. Then I sing or play a tone into the microphone. During this tone, I release the PAUSE button by pushing it. Subsequently, I press the PAUSE button again within a fraction of a second. Now the first short note is recorded. In InOut I added this way thousands of very short notes like a patchwork, like an acoustic quilt with geometric irregularities and varied patterns.

The percussive effect was produced by the clicking noise of the PAUSE button. Recorded with the integrated microphone, those clickings appear with pretty high amplitude, depending on the vehemence by which I pushed the button. Recorded with the external microphone, the clicking will not be recorded and remain silent on tape. For InOut I alternated both possibilities; for a longer passage I recorded solely clicking noises to obtain a percussion solo.

from Ubuweb