It’s unclear if this project still exists, but the idea is interesting, to make audible the twitter traffic in a specific geographic location. The country in question is Germany.


from Heavylistening http://heavylistening.com:

#tweetscapes converts all German tweets into sounds and images – live and in real-time.

#tweetscapes aims to add a sensual element to the development of discussion topics and the rhythm of the online dialogue. Not only does this allow for unique sounds and images to arise – #tweetscapes shows the social network from a totally different perspective.

Here’s another example that illustrates the kind of twitter traffic related to a specific event, in this case the European Championship match between Germany and Portugal in 2012

his is an example, recorded during the football match Germany vs. Portugal at the European Championship 2012 (9.6.2012). The clip starts about 30 seconds before the goal — Klose is about to enter the game, but then Gomez scores the 1:0.

On #tweetscapes, every hashtag produces a unique sound — so i.e. all the #em2012 or #gerpor tweets sound similar.

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