Susan Hiller – Witness 2000

Witness 2000.

Each speaker in the installation Witness 2000 transmits a voice telling a story. A wide variety of languages represent testimonies from all over the world. The witnesses describe the experience of an encounter with UFOs or creatures from other spheres. A range of similarities emerges in the descriptions and in the type of language used to describe the experience. An inexplicable vision that might in previous centuries have been described as a religious experience is articulated here in the language of science fiction. Whether imagined, real or hallucinatory, the testimonies demonstrate an essential need for belief in the possibility of a further dimension, in something beyond the rational.
Approximately 400 speakers, 10 audio tracks, each with multiple recordings; wires, lights

One thought on “Susan Hiller – Witness 2000

  1. Thanks, this is great – I think your description perhaps got cut off. Here is another webpage that shows the installation:

    I really like the look of the installation, it works on the level of having a celestial look to it. And has these voices descending from a transcendent plane. The article talks about the voices in your ear being like a priest in the confessional. It also reminds me of imagery like this:

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