Activist Sound – Christopher DeLaurenti

“Activist Sound is one way to describe the sound pieces, performances, and installations I make from field recordings of protests, testimonies, and other pertinent sonic materials of social change. In my longer works, I’m a reporter who writes novels in sound. I listen to find out whether what we hear harbors the power to suspend and offer alternatives to the basic as well as superstructural assumptions, habits, and actions which implicitly guide our lives.”

Here’s a post from 2014
Christopher DeLaurenti: Towards Activist Sound

Here’s an article about DeLaurenti’s work:
Ferguson 9-13, August 2014, which takes as its subject
“DeLaurenti felt the escalating intensity of the events just after Michael Brown’s shooting because he was immersed in social media’s convergence of narratives about Ferguson and the rioting that ensued. Images were being uploaded, in some cases, in real time.”

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