An Eyeful of Sound (about synaethesia)

‘I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a goat eating carrots? It’s almost too much, it’s so lovely’

An Eyeful of Sound is a collaboration between animator Samantha Moore, Dr Jamie Ward and a group of people with audio-visual synaesthesia.
The people with synaesthesia who are taking part in this project have a strong visual reaction to sound. When they hear sounds, speech, music or even the phone ringing they experience colours, shapes and movement. An Eyeful of Sound is a short animated documentary film which takes a selection of every day sounds and animates their responses together with the sound that inspired them. The sound track is designed and composed by Prix-Italia ward winning composer Adam Goddard, and the sound weaves an impressionistic and sensual sound portrait that fits perfectly – and synaesthetically – with the images.

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