Booking the voiceover booth at 55 west 13

There is no quieter place to record audio on campus (or in most places you might have access to) than the voice over booth at Arnhold Hall. This is an acoustically isolated space that is an excellent location to record vocals, foley, an instrument, a conversation, etc.

How do you reserve the space?
Go to:

Agreeing to the terms, you’ll go to the portal where you can make a reservation. Here are the steps.


the Voice over Booth is room i818
The adjoining audio recording room is i817
Scroll down for some more info about recording options.

What are some ways that you can use the Voice Over Booth?

  1. Check out both i818 (the booth) and i817 (the recording room) and record in protools
    Use protools to record from microphones plugged into the voiceover booth (my own preference is the excellent Neumann mic that you can check out at the EQC on the 9th floor). You will also need a cable to plug the mic into the wall in the booth. You will need one MORE mic to use in the record suite (also from the EQC).You should also check out a pair of headphones.

    I highly recommend that on your first time using the suite that you get some help setting up the room from one of the techs.

    You will use the audio application Protools to record the audio from the booth and then grab the files you’ve recorded from the work in progress drive.

  2. Just check out both i818 (the booth) and use a zoom recorder
    You can check out a zoom recorder on the 9th floor. While it isn’t as SUPER-excellent as the Neumann mic it is still a really good option and a bit less work than what I described above.