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Digital Empathy

Digital Empathy greets High Line visitors with a variety of messages. At some sites, computer-generated voices speak messages of concern, support, and love, intermingled with pragmatic information. In other sites, those same digitized voices recite poetry and sing love songs to park visitors.…Continue Reading Digital Empathy

Pressure Sequence – Dance and Sound – Stijn Demeulenaere

Pressure sequence is an exploration of movement, a question of presence, a reconnaissance of body language. Pressure Sequence started out as a question: Dancing is body language at its purest. But can you transform, translate this language? …Continue Reading Pressure Sequence – Dance and Sound – Stijn Demeulenaere

Textilen & The Electric Ribbon

Sound and Garments from Parsons Faculty Jeannine Han. A 2-year project involving the development of textile-­based modules and inter­faces for the con­trol and syn­the­sis of music during per­for­mance. A tex­tile in­stru­ment pro­vides a na­tur­al link be­tween action and sound, en­abl­ing al­ter­na­tive comp­o­si­tions and im­prov­isa­tions im­possible with tradi­tional in­stru­ments….Continue Reading Textilen & The Electric Ribbon

Jem Finer – Long Player Longplayer is a one thousand year long musical composition. It began playing at midnight on the 31st of December 1999, and will continue to play without repetition until the last moment of 2999, at which point it will complete its cycle and begin again. Conceived and composed by Jem Finer, it was originally produced…Continue Reading Jem Finer – Long Player

Stephen Vitiello – Documentary

Stephen Vitiello creates sound installations that often feature pristine recordings of natural environments and phenomena – the Amazon rain forest or flapping moth wings for example– sonically magnified to expose their internal detail and beauty. His installation work also focuses heavily on the use and implications of space as a compositional parameter. Vitiello has released…Continue Reading Stephen Vitiello – Documentary

Dream House – La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela

When walking down Church Street in Tribeca, keep an eye out for a black door with a cryptic white sign that reads THE DREAM HOUSE. Although this is not your typical dream house with a 4-door garage, it guarantees to be a one-of-a-kind experience, with its completely absorbing, constantly fluctuating soundwaves accompanied by neon pink…Continue Reading Dream House – La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela

Henri Chopin on the radio

Coincidentally, there was a nice segment of Henri Chopin on the radio on Friday. Other highlights include some classic NYC traffic noise behind the Dion McGregor spoken piece and works by Michael Pisaro. I’m not familiar with Mr. Pisaro, but the phrase “score for field recordings” jumped out at me from his bio. See the…Continue Reading Henri Chopin on the radio

Worshipping the glitch – Milan Knizak & Christian Marclay

Data glitching appears to have become a mainstream tool with plenty of online solutions, hacks and plug ins to turn your home movies into big hot data mess. But as long as there has been media there has been media corruption and media manipulation. As far as sound is concerned, here are two artists that…Continue Reading Worshipping the glitch – Milan Knizak & Christian Marclay

Stillspotting – Arvo Pärt and Snøhetta – To a Great City While the vitality and stimulation of the urban environment can be pleasant, those living in or visiting densely populated areas, such as New York, can have wildly different experiences. The ever-present cacophony of traffic, construction, and commerce; the struggle for mental and physical space; and the anxious need for constant communication in person…Continue Reading Stillspotting – Arvo Pärt and Snøhetta – To a Great City

The first sound art installation? “the human telephone was like an electromagnetic update to the oracle at Delphi: a lone female figure with access to distant voices, dancing slowly across a dance floor secretly wired from below, an interactive surface whose hidden technology extended up into her very clothing. “…Continue Reading The first sound art installation?

Liminal – The Organ of Corti

Organ of Corti is an experimental instrument that recycles noise from the environment. It does not make any sound of its own, but rather it attempts to draw our attention to the sounds already present by framing them in a new way. Named after the organ of hearing in the inner ear, it uses the acoustic technology of sonic crystals to accentuate and attenuate frequencies within the broad range of sound present in road traffic or falling water. By recycling surplus sounds from our environment, we hope to challenge expectations of what might constitute a piece of music by adding nothing to the existing soundscape but rather offering new ways of listening to what is already there. This instrument is a device that, for us, rematerializes our experience of sound, inviting us to “listen to ourselves listen”….Continue Reading Liminal – The Organ of Corti

Anechoic – By Show Studio

Anechoic is a ‘collections story’ that uses sound instead of visuals to interpret the essence of key garments from the Autumn/Winter 2006 collections by leading fashion brands. Part of a series of projects devoted to exploring ‘The Sound of Clothes’, these interactives and fashion films explore sound ‘generated’ by the garments themselves.    …Continue Reading Anechoic – By Show Studio

Chris Watson – Whispering in the Leaves

Whispering in the Leaves(5:08) Chris Watson’s Whispering in the Leaves is an extraordinary sound installation, using recordings and natural history broadcast to transport us to the far-flung, dense rain forests of South and Central America. Throughout Kew Gardens’ Summer festival, the Palm House was diffused with the dawn and dusk choruses of the myriad of…Continue Reading Chris Watson – Whispering in the Leaves

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller – Alter Bahnhof Video Walk

Alter Bahnhof Video Walk; 2012; Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller “Here is an attempt to document our 2nd piece made for dOCUMENTA (13). Viewers are given an ipod and headphones and asked to follow the prerecorded video through the old train station in Kassel. The overlapping realities lead to a strange, perceptive confusion in…Continue Reading Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller – Alter Bahnhof Video Walk

Annea Lockwood – Glass Music

“The Glass Concert” given periodically between 1968 and 1973 (76 times, to be exact), Annea Lockwood’s 1973 LP The Glass World is the composer’s most recognized work. The original performances took place in the dark, with most of the sounds being produced offstage and amplified into the concert space. On-stage antics included “curtains of fine glass tubing; trees of bottles inverted in a spiral pattern; a mobile of large panes of wired glass, surrounded by mirrors.” …Continue Reading Annea Lockwood – Glass Music