Primary findings of my deriève

When I did my deriève, the very first thing I noticed was how the flowers, bushes and grasses appeared to be randomly arranged when one approaches the garden from the side entrance. As I moved further into the middle I found that the arrangement had fooled me and what in fact opposing to my first findings not just carefully assembled but also perfectly symmetrical. It made me think about how all events and objects during our lifetime appear to be random looked closely yet they complete each other when looked at in a greater context.
The different water arrangements and movements also very much caught my eyes. Though the fountains all seemed similar, the movement varied to a large extent. Weather influenced by the weather (wind), animals (ducks, fish, birds) or artificial contexts like fountains. It made me think about how all living things rose from water and thus we have a strong mental and physical relationship to such and our ancestors.
Furthermore I was reminded of my past experiences regarding my personal connection with flowers, specifically by the smell of past or future rain, which can often be found in the mountainside, which I went to frequently with my family during my childhood. It made me realize that the purest joy one can experience will always go back to our roots, the joys that we’re given to us by our parents as infants.


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