Visiting an excellent LP Workspace is like visiting the composer’s studio, designer’s workshop, reporter’s office or scientist’s lab. Inside are inspirations, experimentations, work in progress and finished work. The LP Workspace starts a conversation about you and your studies.

Here are some examples of students’ sites. Many of these examples are from Parsons students who have been using the portfolio, and we look forward to adding work from students throughout the university. Everything here is shared with permission from the student who developed it.

Visit the student portfolios using the following links.

Student Portfolios

Lang First Year

Amanda Miller

Jeromey Martinez

Daniella Lopez

Parsons First Year

Eric Cheng

Melissa Beight

Helena Wang

Huilin Chen

Sanika Phawde

Parsons Fashion

Sydney Lowes

Parsons Design and Technology

Yu-Liang Shih

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