Assignment #2: Urban Landscape (NYC)



Working with your group, you will be creating a photo essay of a location in the school’s neighborhood. This photo essay should have between 15 and 20 images total and it should – based on your observations and discussions with the group – conveys something about the place that is not easily visible; a hidden story, micro/macro picture, deeper truth, emotional qualities, etc. The goal is not so much to “tell a story”, but to “tell a place”. Keep in mind that this is not about providing the most accurate representation of the place. It is more about your observations and creative voices as filmmakers and artists. Principally, in these photographs we should discover the place through your eyes (and imagination!). As such this photo essay can aim for a character-driven, subjective, abstract, poetic, or objective modes. Think about framing (close-ups, medium shots, wide shots, etc) and try to introduce us to something new!

IMPORTANT: you should take turns on the camera. The final photo essay must include at least 5 selected images from each member of the group. Decide on the order of images and create a slideshow to present in class Wednesday, July 8. Don’t forget to post to our blog too!


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