MoMA report – Vicky

Memorial, Luis Camnitzer 2009


This artwork is called memorial. It is done by a Uruguayan artist called Luis Camnitzer in 2009. The artwork is a series of phone book pages framed right next two each other on two white walls.  At the beginning I thought they were just phone book pages, but after the curator told us the meaning I saw it in a completely different way.

Camnitzer decided to do an art piece that honored the  victims of the military dictatorship of his country. So he took phonebook pages and erased the number of those who disappeared on this incident. This was my favorite artwork in the exhibition because in my country we are also going through a military dictatorship and a lot of people are dying and disappearing because of our government. I think that it is a very creative and unique way to represent those who disappeared or died for their country.


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