Amir Husak (Instructor)

amir husakAmir Husak is a filmmaker and multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He moved around (a lot) before taking up residence in New York in 2006. The cross-cultural experiences triggered his interest in media making as means of overcoming communication barriers and other borders, real or imagined. Combining emergent and traditional media, essay and experimental techniques, Husak’s work explores documentary as social practice. His films have been shown at such diverse places as South by Southwest (US), Sundance Film Festival (US), Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Stadtmuseum Graz (Austria), P.O.V./PBS (US), Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (US), TV Cultura (Brazil), and Full Frame Film Festival (US). He is a Jack Kent Cooke fellow and recipient of both DAAD and Fulbright scholarships in 2012/2013, through which he conducted research on civil disobedience and anti-gentrification initiatives at Humboldt Universität in Berlin, Germany.



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