Julia Bender and Amanda Chiles Interview

For this assignment we interviewed people with the question, “What is the most important issue, either in New York City or the world, that should be dealt with?”. This question was asked to random people on the streets near or in Washington Square Park. The answers ranged from funny to serious. Although some were un-cooperative, many were excited to share their opinions. The people answering the question were all unique, wether it be a small child playing or an older bearded man. Completing this assignment was a learning experience on how to use sound in video, and learning about the people of New York.

Assignment #2 ~ Amanda, Alex, and Ella

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This gallery is made up into two parts. The first section captures the emotion of people in Union Square. These emotions range from peacefulness and happiness to stern and dry. Union Square is full of emotion and expression that is captures in these photos. The second portion is focused on a path way. The photos of the pathway are meant to tell a story of who and what travels along it. Overall this project contains two aspects of Union Square, first, people in daily life and how they feel through facial expression and body language, and second, a story of a path traveled by these people.

Amanda Chiles

Hey guys!

Amanda here.. I love practicing yoga, theatre (specially Shakespeare), playing tennis, studying psychology and I am a proud feminist. I signed up for this class because I was interested in exploring the film making process. Also, because I hope to eventually create a documentary addressing women in the arts and the struggles they face. Friend me on Facebook (Amanda Chiles) ~ Follow me on Instagram @amanda.q ~

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