Compliment from Deanna Kamiel

In a correspondence with Deanna Kamiel, the director of the Documentary Studies program in our School of Media Studies, she offered a wonderful comment on the work she saw in the final screening, and allowed me to post it on our blog for you all to see. Congratulations!

“First, let me congratulate you on the work you did this summer on ‘Film, Art, Change’ with Amir, Joel and those wonderfully impassioned high school kids.  The work I saw at Friday’s screening was impressive — refreshingly original and skillful.”


Change of Due Date for Assignment 7

Some announcements/reminders:

The Distributed Narrative assignment due date has been changed from Monday to Tuesday, July 21!

Also, please remember that next week you need to reserve equipment for check out from the Equipment Center: DSLR camera, tripod, shotgun mic, boompole, Zoom H4n recorder. You need this equipment all week to shoot, so coordinate with your group- one person can check it out Mon- Wed, and another can check it out Wed-Fri.


Sound Pieces

Ghetto Life 101

In March, 1993, LeAlan Jones, thirteen, and Lloyd Newman, fourteen, collaborated with public radio producer David Isay to create the radio documentary Ghetto Life 101, their audio diaries of life on Chicago’s South Side. The boys taped for ten days, walking listeners through their daily lives: to school, to an overpass to throw rocks at cars, to a bus ride that takes them out of the ghetto, and to friends and family members in the community.

Radiolab: Sound as Touch

Anne Fernald explains our need to goochie-goochie-goo at every baby we meet, and absolves us of our guilt. This kind of talk, dubbed motherese, is an instict that crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries. Caecilius was goochie-goochie-gooing in Rome; Grunt was goochie-gooing in the caves. We at Radiolab did our own study of infant-directed speech, recording more than a dozen different parents. The melodies of these recordings illustrate Fernald’s findings that there are a set of common tunes living within the words that parents all over the world intone to their babies.




New School Office of Student Development and Activities (OSDA)

New School Athletics and Recreation fitness classes and outdoor adventures throughout the summer


July 5–Aug 26 Summergarden Free Concerts at MoMA

MoMA; garden opens 7pm, concerts begin 8pm

Jun 4—Aug 6, 2015 BAM R&B Festival at MetroTech2015


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