Allan and Alex City and Train Sounds

The sounds you hear on this track are those taken from the tongue of New York City. The voices of its people, buildings, and train stations were edited together to create a story of a train rider encountering various personalities and situations throughout his commute. None of the events in the track actually happened the way they seem. Many different situations were combined to tell the story.




Not much was said about this piece. I hadn’t heard Anja comment on the work and the tag under it had nothing to add. The name of the piece being ‘Unstable Talismanic Rendering 27’ only added to its quality of ambiguous elusiveness. None of its colors being to bright or direct adds a character to the work. It’s textures give the art a shape and an obvious direction that led me to linger behind the group and observe it for a little while longer. Kerstin Br├Ątsch created the ‘rendering’ in 2014.