Assignment #2 ~ Amanda, Alex, and Ella

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This gallery is made up into two parts. The first section captures the emotion of people in Union Square. These emotions range from peacefulness and happiness to stern and dry. Union Square is full of emotion and expression that is captures in these photos. The second portion is focused on a path way. The photos of the pathway are meant to tell a story of who and what travels along it. Overall this project contains two aspects of Union Square, first, people in daily life and how they feel through facial expression and body language, and second, a story of a path traveled by these people.

Isabel and Richard – Assignment #2 – UNITY

The first thing our group did was think about the general impression that the Washington Square Memorial Park gave us. We looked around, and noticed all of the people, interacting with others, and being completely free to act however they want. It gave us a sense of connections, bonds, and a feeling of amazement of how this diverse group of humans could all come together and share this place with one another in happiness. That’s why we decided to focus on the theme of unity when we took these photos, trying to capture the small interactions between the people in this very special park. 🙂

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Lionel, Julia, and Vicky – Assignment 2

Our group decided to focus on self-expression in Washington Square. We chose pictures where people’s body positions or facial expressions expose something about how they are feeling. In New York especially, people aren’t scared to show their personalities out in a very public place. The emotions we captured vary from happiness to sadness and from love to loneliness.

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Assignment #2: Urban Landscape (NYC)



Working with your group, you will be creating a photo essay of a location in the school’s neighborhood. This photo essay should have between 15 and 20 images total and it should – based on your observations and discussions with the group – conveys something about the place that is not easily visible; a hidden story, micro/macro picture, deeper truth, emotional qualities, etc. The goal is not so much to “tell a story”, but to “tell a place”. Keep in mind that this is not about providing the most accurate representation of the place. It is more about your observations and creative voices as filmmakers and artists. Principally, in these photographs we should discover the place through your eyes (and imagination!). As such this photo essay can aim for a character-driven, subjective, abstract, poetic, or objective modes. Think about framing (close-ups, medium shots, wide shots, etc) and try to introduce us to something new!

IMPORTANT: you should take turns on the camera. The final photo essay must include at least 5 selected images from each member of the group. Decide on the order of images and create a slideshow to present in class Wednesday, July 8. Don’t forget to post to our blog too!