Isabella and Vicky Interview

For our sound piece, we decided to interview people within Greenwich Village about what they liked about the area. We met people from many different places and backgrounds, however, their responses were very similar. Common themes were the park, music, food, and appreciation for the general atmosphere of NYC.

Assignment #3 – Interviews

For this assignment, my friend Amanda brought up the idea to ask the people around what they thought was the biggest issue in NYC. I was reluctant at first to this idea, thinking it would have been too serious of a subject to ask random people on the streets, and how not everyone would be completely familiar with NYC. We still went with that question, and I think that it turned out to be a good one (nice choice Amanda, I was totally wrong haha). The people who answered generally had vague and short answers, and although they are all equally serious topics, one man delved deep into his story and told us about a serious issue that I found to be something that should be brought to attention: Homelessness. This anonymous person told us about how he ended up in that state, what life had been like afterwards, and I think that it’s important to realize how that could have been any other person, including us, under a chain of unfortunate circumstances. The majority of this audio clip is from him, and I’d like to share it with the rest of you. (Also Amanda and Julia too because they have the same files as me. 😛 )