Time:Frame sp17 proj#2 sequence: MET



This is the project about “sequence”. And this is MET.

Here is how my finished artwork look like.



MET is the very first architecture that appeared in my mind for this project. I have been there once and I love the strong feelings, solemnity somehow,  that the architecture provided. My goal was to capture general impression as well as detailed design of the building to express my impression. I photographed every ten to fifteen steps, from the second I can see the whole building to the second I arrived at the basement exhibition of costume.

I guess my success was the picture quality, especially on lightning. Like what we have discussed during class, I tried to make the lighting of the outside and the inside the similar tone and make the 16 pictures a series. Because I went there in the evening, I was able to capture the warm light outside and the inside the building. For me, the light definitely give more credit for the solemnity of the architecture.

The first point of what I can improve is the continuity. There were certain places I missed and it sort of interrupted my steps. For example, when I entered the building, there was a bag checker at the front door. I had to show him by belongings and lost one scene which could make my series better. Next time, I will look through my photos and remember to take pictures after the interruption.

Also, someone from our class pointed out that some of my pictures were kind of similar. It was mainly because the huge building had similar columns on the outside but I do think that she is right. I will certainly be aware of the similarity and add more variation into my artworks.

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