Time:Frame sp17 proj#3 three pics



This is long exposure.

This is frozen moment.

This is continuity.


I firstly thought about taking pictures inside my dorm because my roommate is good at photography and I can ask her for help if I can not get the pictures I want. I can take pictures of small things like water bottle, faucet, or even bath tub. I changed my mind eventually because I kinds want to challenge myself on photography and pictures taken in Time Square should be interesting. So I went to Time Square to get my photos.

I have some other photos I took, even though I decided not to use them.


I had no idea what angle I want to take picture of “frozen moment” and the “continuity” so I stayed at the McDonald and observe the crowd and the cars while staying warm. Of course I can get long exposure of cars. I saw tourists taking photos so I thought about taking photos of them taking their photos for my misunderstanding of “frozen moment”. That’s when I saw the performers. I stood in the audience of their short show and got my picture of continuity. I turned around and saw this little girl trying to get her pictures in a dress while all the other people are trembling in the wind so I thought I can change my “frozen moment” into her. Afterwards, I tested like thirty time for long exposure to get one with good lightening and angle. While I was getting my long exposure, a man near me suddenly had his one kneel on the ground and proposed to his girlfriend. I turn the mode as fast as I can but unfortunately I only capture the moment of them looking at the ring together.

It was hard for me to get what I expected because I always react slowly when it comes to cameras especially this is my first time to get a long exposure.

I think I did well on the unity of a series because of the backgrounds. It was obvious that my pictures were taken in one place.

But except I misunderstood what I should do for the “frozen moment”, for next time, I should think more about the contraction between stationary things and fast moving things to make my pictures somehow more impressive.

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