Reading assignment 10/7

I believe the major theme of these two articles is Perspective. From the two articles, I learned about dimension. Dimension such as sound, space, and distance around us. I also learned about the “way of seeing”. The importance of curiosity and to be engaged with your thoughts and where it takes you.

Perspective plays a strong role in photography. From the eyes of a photographer, we are here to share perspectives and express ourselves through images. These two articles taught us to keep our eyes and ears open. Absorb and process through thoughts, gain depth, to tell a story.

Curiosity. To me I believe deep travel means to wander off, being attracted by the thoughts inside you, deep travel, linking dots and asking question after question, by simply curiosity. To be open-minded and mindful at times are my way to deep travel. Keeping the curiosity lingering inside of me, attracting myself to the surroundings and being mindful of thoughts would be my way to deep travel during this program.

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