The collage of Sunset Park


Research for Places Collage

Every place has its own history. The history contains the cultural, political, architectural and natural. In this project, first, find out a particular place, then sketch it in the sketchbook from different angles and make some notes. Then do the historical research of these place then collect some pictures of these place both historically and currently. Thirdly, create a collage by using the photographs that you collect or take in photoshop. When finishing the collage print it out and use charcoal to draw some elements. 

The history research:

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is located in Brooklyn, New York City. It contains the largest Chinatown in New York, where there are a lot of Chinese restaurants. Green-Wood Cemetery, the largest cemetery in Brooklyn is a landmark not only in Sunset Park but also the highest point in Brooklyn. The entrance gate of the Green-Wood Cemetery was created by Richard Upjohn in 1863. Richard Upjohn also is the architect who created Trinity Church in Manhattan.  In the decade after it opened 500,000 people a year visited the cemetery because of its beauty (“About/History”). Many Famous people are buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, with more than 600,000 souls altogether. It is also a Revolutionary War historical site and National Historic Landmark (M.).

There are also many Catholic churches in Sunset Park, including the basilica Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which was established in 1893 on 60th street and 5th Avenue. It is the largest Church in Brooklyn and is always crowded (“What’s Sunset Park”). O.L.P.H. is for people who want to find help from God’s presence. It is the place where people can help each other to find a sense of belonging.

The Brooklyn Army Terminal was built in 1918 to supply soldiers in battle.  Now it is where there are over 100 local businesses there, with thousands of good manufacturing jobs (History).

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Photo: Victoria Belanger via Wikimedia Commons

The cover of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery: New York’s Buried Treasure by Jeffrey I. Richman

The picture from yep,

Quick Sketch: