In Sem 1 Memory_ Ways of Seeing

In my mind, the people that I observed is a student who studies aboard. Maybe he is a high school student. At the weekend, he goes to Starbucks to observe the people to finish his homework. Maybe he wants to finish his portfolio which to apply for the university or maybe drawing is just his interests. I think he is a very staid person. In my mind, a teenager is more enjoyed to play video-game or doing some sports. Nevertheless, he stays in Starbucks for a long time to draw. Moreover, he is very relaxed when he is drawing. In my considered, the drawing must be his habit.

I think he is a student is because he has a babe fat Asian face, brown hair, and small eyes. He is very tall about 183cm. His dressing is not like an ABC. He wears a Chanel hoodie, Burberry pants, and Yeezy. In this case, though his age and weariness, I infer that he is an aboard Asian student. He observes passerby for a long time, then he draws on his sketchbook. When he is observing, the pencil is always handled in his right hand. Sometimes his left-hand hold the sketchbook, sometimes he grabs some coffee to drink. He wears the airports which seem like no one can bother him.

Everyone’s imagination is based on their recognizes. In Berger’s Ways of seeing, talking about the ways which the one is seeing the base on the knowledge which he/she recognizes. In page 7, Berger points out that “The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe.” It applies to my guess of the identity of the boy whom I observed. Because as a boarding Chinese student, most of my male friends can afford the luxury. In this case, a lot of them will buy every brand that they like. Moreover, it is common for boarding students. However, ABC who I met is not very careful about the brand. And the style of wear is not totally different. Though age 10, the article illustrates: ” Images were first made to conjure up the appearance of something that was absent… It then showed something or somebody has once looked.”

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