Sem 1 Memory _ Historical Self

You are living in a wealthy family. Sometimes, your parents are busy with their own business. However, most of the time, they spend time with you. You don’t need to care about money. You also good at study and have your own interests. You are looking good but not a gorgeous. In the future, the career that you want to choose is based on your own interests. You will have a peaceful and happy life like common people.

Shanghai is your favorite city. You grew up in Shanghai and have many friends. This is your familiar city. Moreover, the advance of a big city is convenient and have a lot of recreational facilities. In this case, When you are bored, you can find a lot of places to play with your friends. Moreover, Shanghai has a lot of chances for you to share your career because it has a lot of companies which create a lot of employment position. In addition, Shanghai is not as crowded as New York. There are a lot of greening beside the road. It is a good city for youngth to live in.

If you die you want to be a cat which lives with a lovely family. All of the family numbers are very kind to you. You just like their families instead of a pet. Every day, after kids finish their homework, you always play with them. Your sister always tells you about her school. When she feels sad, she always talks to you. You not only her family but also her friends. Maybe in a one day, you are too old to live with them, your family always remember the happy time with you.


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