Sem 1 Memory_relativity


  1. I like the environment of the Washington square park. There are a lot of trees, squirrelsĀ and a fountain in this park. I feel relaxed when I walk inside it.
  2. When I sit on the chair in Washington Square part. I enjoyed observingĀ others. I like the feeling of people walks around me. When I see the olds are walking with their dogs, for me, it is happiness. When I became old, I also want to walk with my dog every day.
  3. In Washington square park, there are also some performances. Some of them are really interesting such as playing guitars and singing.
  4. There are also a lot of children playing in Washington Square Park. They make me feel very energetic. They give me positive feelings.
  5. I always study with my friends in Bobst Library. It is a very good place to study. There are a lot of books can read. The chairs and desks are comfortable for me to study.
  6. There is a centre of performing art beside Washington Square Park. I like the setting in the centre. I have a very good experience in this centre.
  7. I really like a restaurant around the Bobst Library. It just surve for French Frise. There are a bunch of different types of sources for customers to choose from. I really like the one with pineapple. I didn’t eat it before.
  8. There is a Starbucks beside the Bobst Library. Last semester, my friends and I wanted to study in the Bobst Library at 6 PM. However, I didn’t bring my student ID and the time was too late to sign in as a guest. So we were studying at Starbucks. It is a very memorable experience.
  9. I took a picture in front of the fountain in Washington Square Park. It was the first time that I been there. However, the picture was too ugly that I deleted it.
  10. Last semester, my friends and I finish our final in the library. The wind is very cold and we were too tired to talk with each other. However, when we finish our final project, we were very happy.

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