Sem1 Memory_the sister of JiaYing

I am a big sister of Jia Ying. I am one of her closest friend that she love. And I am the one that take care of her. In the family, we play together. We always draw, read a book, play computer games. I am also her teacher. I always teach my sister math. She is very bad at it. However, when she studies math, she can not focus on it. It seems like a little bit hard for her. She always asks me how to fix this problem. I usually can fix it. However, sometimes the math questions of primary school also hard to do with. Thus, when the question is hard for me, I always told my sister to fix the question my herself. It is not my business. And I will fix them on my own after I find it out, I will tell my sister the solutions. I don’t like talking but my sister always has something to speak. In this case, I always listen to her to talk about the thing that happened in her school. It is kind of interesting in listening to my sister’s daily life. Moreover, she always shares her food with me. She always gets some snake from her school, and she brings them to home and shares with me. I feel very happy at that time. In addition, my sister is good at singing and drawing. She has talented in it. Moreover, she has a lot of interests in it. I think it is a good thing to have her own interests. I love my sister very much. When I come back to my hometown, my sister is the first one that I want to see. She is one of the most important persons in my life. I love her.

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