Studio 1 Memory_The Cutting Edge


2. Submit all your notes here (typed); some guiding question are below but feel free to add more to this discussion


Editor do: cut great

the editor is good for the director.

create a story

a language

writer: work

singer: note

editor frame

What were some editing techniques you found interesting? intriguing? 

I think the editor can make a boring screen to become interesting. And when an editor is editing the shoot can create a story.  And you can see the possibilities of the shoot. It is a new language.

Which techniques do you think could help you edit your documentary? why?

I think I can use the skill of slow down the time and speed up it. Moreover, I can add the narrator of the video.

3. Select 3 techniques and find an example of each in movies; explain each technique in writing (one paragraph) and add a clip of the movie that you are using as an example to represent each technique.

In a film, Lucy is used a lot of editing techniques: speed up, speed down and mute the sound. At the beginning of the story, at 00:02:06, the editor shoot the street of HongKong. it is used speed up to create a busy feeling of the city. at 00:03:00, the editor mute the sound and give a shoot of the first human “Lucy”. It creates a very creepy feeling of it. And the moving of the frame is not fluent also create this feeling. Moreover at 00:22:00, there is a sense that cut a bunch of disasters together, the editor uses both speeds up and speeds down together to create this sense.

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