Sem1 Memory_invisible cities_Activity in Chelsea


Today is the first day of Chesa’s spring break. She decides to have a meaningful trip with her girlfriend, Mary. This is her Plan.


After breakfast, Chesa and Mary go to the LGBT. They as volunteers of LGBT in the art department for a long time. They have a lot of friends over there. And Their job is taking photos for the coming event which is a melodrama called Hamlet.

After that, Chesa goes to the Chelsea Market with her girlfriend. They buy a lot of seafood. Lobster is Mary’s favourite. In Chelsea Market, they not only can find seafood but also could buy a bunch of fresh ingredients for their dinner. Chesa decides to do a dinner for Mary.


Chesa wants to find some inspirations for her project. So she decides to see some galleries and take some pictures. There is a lot of artwork over there. Moreover, a lot of artists open studio over there. Some of them are Chesa’s friends. So she not only can find inspirations but also can visit her friends.

At the same time, Mary goes to Chelsea Flea Market which evolved a lot of sell antiques, collectables, decorative arts, clothing, jewellery, and many other types of antiques.

They sleep together in Chesa’s apartment which is near the Penn station.

Third Day:

Chesa and Mary get up for about 7 o’clock. They go to the Penn station to take a train to the Newark Airport. It is the cheapest way to go to the airport from Manhattan.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
morning LGBT volunteer Gallary (Chesa)

Chelsea Flea Market (Mary)

Penn Station
afternoon Chelsea Market Airport
evening Dinner Dinner

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