Space_Polyhedron Project

  1. Variety:
    • I use clear colorless acrylic round rods as a structure to form dodecahedrons. And use steel wire to connect all the rods and add black straw between them to increase friction. Then I cut plastic boards and contour mesh into dodecahedrons. (the contour mesh one is one inch larger than the plastic one) Then I use a drill to make a hole in each side to the plastic boards, then use contour mesh to cover the plastic boards and use round head paper fasteners to connect each piece. I also use fasteners to connect each piece of plastic boards.
  2. Scale & Proportion (: measurement skill)
    • First I made a sample of dodecahedrons. Then use this sample to cut the plastic boards. And use a ruler to make sure every black straw and acrylic rods are in the same distance.
  3. Negative space & Positive Form (: shows more 3-D volume?)
    • Negative space: The main material for the negative space are plastic boards and contour mesh. The whole structure is a flower shape. I add two layers to show a more 3-dimensional volume.
    • Positive Form: acrylic rods and wire are the main materials to create positive form.
    • Since the negative part and positive part are used totally different methods and materials, the whole project has a different texture which shows a more 3-dimensional volume.
  4. Problem solving:( joining method, structure, materials….)
    • It is hard that joining two acrylic rods together by using wires. Because the acrylic rods are too smooth to connect. So I decided to use black straws to increase friction.
    • The plastic broad is hard to cut by scissors and I don’t have the orientation of laser cutting workshop.  So it took me a while to cut the plastic broads.
  5. Craftsmanship:
    • I use wire to connect each acrylic rods and each unites to make a pattern
  6. Creativity:
    • I think the flower shape is good, and I decide to add a light inside the work to let it become lamps shade. Its transparent texture can be shown perfectly though light.
  7. Working process /Developing idea
    • I tried a lot of materials before I’ve chosen this one. Moreover, when I develop the negative space I change a lot of shapes.
  8. Time management:
    • My time management is good, I finish all the materials on time.

The polyhedrons project-1whoeao

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