Studio Memory _ Bridge 4_Research-led Design

Design process:

For this project, I set two studios to take pictures, one is for the objects, apple, and pomegranate. The other is for the portrait. This project is for testing the quality of a film camera, Canon AE-1. Base one I can not develop a film camera in school, I sent it to the professional place to develop it. I scan it by myself at school. In the beginning, I try to compare can contrast the film camera and the digital one. However, since I didn’t take pictures by a film camera before, in this case, it is hard for me to make the same setting can control the light. So finally I change my idea to just take a film camera.

Research notes:

The Big Apple is a nickname for New York City. Pomegranate means family in China. So I cut the pomegranate indicates a broken family. And I researched how to use a scanner and how to develop the film camera.

  1. Objectives and goals of the new design: Taking pictures by using a film camera to show its qualities of it. And the topic of my project is Lost in the Big Apple.
  2. Budget and schedule: My budget is about 100 dollar for film rolls and developing it.
  3. Target audience: My audiences are professors and my classmates.
  4. Scope of the project: Object Photography & Portrait Photography
  5. Available materials/required materials: Film camera AE-1, Film roll, scanner.
  6. Overall style/look: The contrast of colours.

Desgin brief:

Final Piece:

Self reflection:

I think if I have enough time, I can try the more times in shooting the film camera and digital one. In this case I can compare and contrast the their qualities. However, my final pecies is also good to show the quality of the film camera which is high contrast, better color and more artist. However, it is good for me to take film camera to undersand to the techuqie of using a film camera. It is the first time for me to trying it. Therefore, I learning a lot about using the camera and the setting of camera. I am happy to finish this project.

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