Studio 2 Truth _ Bridge 2

The piece from Brooklyn Museum:


In this work, put a lot of little species together to make the three-dimensional texture. Although The Blue Circle is in three dimensional, it is flat. However, the colour makes the hole seems like, have depth. In this case, when the audience stands in front of the work, the blue circle looks like a whole. However, when the audience turns to change his view angle from the front to the side, they can find out that actually, it is a blue circle.To see the whole art piece, the colour of the background is from light to dark, and the three blue circles are in opposite directions. It makes a high contrast between two colours, I think it can make those three circles or obvious.The name of the collection is aggregation. Aggregation is put separate part together. And his work is made from the old Korean books. It is a form translate 2D to 3D. In this case, what we see is not the truth, we need to identify an object or event from different prespectives.

My work:

Base on the idea that we need to know events from different perspectives, I choose photos from The Pioneering Image which contain 150 years of American Photography. In this book, the editor said: “Photography began as a technology that recorded visual realities as they are perceived through a lens, but quickly moved away from this basic function into sophisticated areas of art and expression.” In other words, Photography is not only a way to record our daily life, but also a method to express photographers’ own ideas and perspectives. I think this idea has really closely connected with this project. So I sewing a bunch of photos together to make a dress. So in this dress, It contains photographers idea and their thought of the world.




I chose this background is because it is clean and have very vivid color and my own work is only contain black and white. If I choose also black and white background, my photo will become too boring that can not catch audience eyes. Moreover, the style of my work is very cool it also match the style of background.

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