Sem 2 Truth_ Camouflage

Our society can get a lot of benefit from Camouflage

Camouflage means that “all strategies involved in concealment, including prevention of detection and recognition.” Camouflage is really useful not only in the military but also in our daily life. In natural animals hide them self to avoid hunting. this model can perfectly be used in the military. By wearing special clothes which similar to the surrounding, soldiers can “despair”. It is a very useful strategy to avoid the enemy’s eyes. This method is used from ancient time.

Camouflage is also applied in medicine. ” According to the British Association of Dermatologists, 15% of the population per year will be seeking help from their general practitioner for a skin condition, and most patients will have their skin disorder diagnosed and treated in primary care.” In this case, skin camouflage can be used that make the scar unseeable. It is pretty useful for the patients to have better condition of the skin.

Picture from Skin Camouflage by Louise McMicheal

Someone said that thieves will use camouflage to steal. However, I think camouflage is not excessed, stealing also will also happen in our daily life. They can find out another way to steal. In this case, a good education of children is a more effective way to decrease thief. Moreover, since the technology is improved, although thieves use camouflage to steal something. The police can use a lot of methods such as though the fingerprint.

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