Studio 2 Truth _ Bridge 4

Name: Luying

Major: Photography

Seminar: My research is about camouflage. In my research paper, I want to illustrate that camouflage can change our life. In natural, butterfly use camouflage to avoid predators catching. Human gets inspirations though camouflage, it not only could apply on the military but also could be used in medical science. In my own idea, if we develop camouflage deeply, it will also be used widely in our daily life such as the decoration of the city, maybe hide the rubbish bin in the city to make the streets cleaner.

The butterflies which use camouflage to hide themselves

Camouflage is used in medical science.

Camouflage is applied in war.

Studio: I want to make a projection mapping. There is a combination of sculpture and projection. For the sculpture, I use cardboard to create white flowers which can set in the corner of the wall. Then I will edit videos about butterflies and project the video on it. The flower represents the natural, and the video represents camouflage.




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