Natural Dye

I bought it at John Madura farms near 16th Street in Union Square. This is my way to lab. I thought I needed to buy materials, so I went there. I think maybe green food is more beneficial to our health and environment, and I don’t think the kinds and prices of vegetables are very expensive. Before I thought that green food was more expensive than normal food, but it was actually affordable. I bought a purple cabbage and used three dollars. It’s much cheaper than I go out to eat, and it’s healthier and cleaner. And I don’t have to go out for food. I can buy them on my way to school. When I communicate with farmer, I feel warmer than I usually go to the supermarket. This is a communication between people John D Madura farms is at 267 route 23 in Sussex, NJ. It’s not far from Manhattan. I buy purple cabbage as a seasonal product. I think the vegetables that have not been processed are the most sustainable because they do not use additives, and the vegetables in the current season will not use green house and other technologies to make plants grow unnaturally.