Geometrical Studies in Charcoal: Part I

In this post, one can see my first attempts at tackling these strategically arranged shapes (of course from my point of view). Let’s see….

1). Here we have the actual photo I started with, (this was what I saw, and from where I was situated).


2). The class was assigned to create a thumbnail to final drawing of the arrangement. First, you can see my thumbnail drawing in pencil, and lastly my final portrait.


Of course; the class had to give a critique, and I was told that my edges were not sharp enough, I did not employ enough lighting and that I should show the corner of the table. Yet, in my initial photograph the cube does indeed cover up the table? Oh well, I plan to post the updated rendition of this piece soon. Until then, (WORK IN PROGRESS)!

Hello, My name is Megan Taylor, I am a returning student here at Parsons; my major is Fashion Design with a peaking interest in environmentalism and animal welfare; I hope to transform the industry someday...slowly but surely. My wish is to combine luxury and aesthetic appeal with the consciousness of how and where it is made along with the idea of what to do with it after use. I have been following my need to create and share with the world art and fashion since the tender age of eleven years old.

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