Envy GIF- Spark of Desire


This Gif Represents the instant desire of having something that one does not have. This feeling is quick like a spark, but soon dies like the lifetime of a sparkler. The hand connects the tribe’s object/metaphor in a humanistic representation. Composition is also considered that of as a frame, appealing to others by becoming picturesque.

Gif &Video Process


In this GIF I photographed a hand on sports mode of my DSLR camera and directed the hand to be reaching, but coming short. I was also inspired by another GIF that had an interesting frame work, and wanted to create that similar composition. I mostly worked around the qualities of my color theory to best display the colors in a more realistic setting. Besides learning how to make an actual GIF, I also learned the difference between video animation and Frame animation. Between my draft and final, I corrected the cropping of the hand by photoshopping a previous finger into the frame so that the effect is that the hand is reaching beyond the blue square. With this correction I am very pleased. Possibly next time, create a textured layer to the pink square to bring more substance to create a less-flat look. Overall, I believe this GIF is simple and clean, and is exactly how I wanted my message to be portrayed.


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