The Village Classifieds

If you follow our blog, you know that the Village is a great space for media storage and sharing, meeting fellow New School creators and more. The Village also has a classifieds section that has a wide-range of possibilities. Think of the classifieds section as a digital version of the physical bulletin boards around school.

Roommates and Apartments

Roommates and apartments are a constant struggle in New York City life, although many students might head to Craigslist to find housing, there are definite problems with the open forum system. According to, apartment scams on Craigslist have become so pervasive in New York City that Craigslist has considered charging users to post ads on the site. The Village classifieds has significant vetting in that only New School community members can use the site. This way you know the posts you are seeing are only from the New School community. Also all posts must adhere to the New School’s terms of use ensuring their reliability.

Promoting Events

The Village sends all its users a digest of posts from the site daily making it a great venue for advertising events on campus and off. So next, time your band is performing at a local bar post to the Village to get seats filled.

Specific Skill Sets

While the jobs section takes care of official internships and jobs postings the classifieds is great for collaborations for one-off projects. For example, if you need a photographer to document your live performance, or a textile designer to create some patterns for an upcoming assignment.

Buying and Selling

Students often have to buy or sell used equipment to keep within their budgets. The Village classifieds could be a great place to sell your working, but out-dated laptop, or buy your first basic DSLR camera.

Remember to join and start using the Village classifieds and other features, just go to and login with your NetID username and password.


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