If I Can Figure Out How to Wireless Print, So Can You!

Time for a moment of honesty: up until I started writing this article, I didn’t know how to print at The New School. Please don’t criticize me too harshly; I just began here in January.

Installing the wireless printing software is extremely simple, but I am going to lay out the whole process. Before we begin, it should be noted that I did the Mac installation. Here is the PC version. First, go to this link to begin the installation process. A window will pop up asking for your NetID information which you will enter. Then you save the program and then click on it to begin the installation process. There is a chance that you may need to adjust your security and privacy settings; I had to. Now you follow the instructions on the installation screen. This process took me all of four minutes.

Now the moment of truth, we will find out if I could actually figure out the printing process. Surprise, surprise – it was so simple even I could do it, which is saying a lot. From the file you want to print, go to the “File” menu and choose “Print”. Then choose your printer based on your output needs, e.g. black and white, color, plotter, etc. All printer types are accompanied with the prefix TNS (The New School) to help you differentiate from other printers you may have installed on your computer. You then authenticate your login and approve the print cost. After that you just need to pick up at one of the following locations:  

  • 55 West 13th St.
  • 6 East 16th St.
  • 25 East 13th St.
  • University Center 63 5th Ave.

Happy printing!


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