New York Fashion Week Embraces VR

It is no surprise that technology brands like Epson and Samsung are making name at New York Fashion week. We have seen that the fashion and tech industries often coincide, with the tech world trying to make large strides in shaping fashion. In a recent Tech Talk post, we highlighted how digital printing is changing the world of textiles, but today we are going to focus on how VR is changing the fashion show.

At this year’s New York Fashion Week, tech giant Samsung made their statement with “Dreaming of Italy.” This dream VR experience shot in Milan with 360-digital is the first all-digital fashion presentation. The VR experience was hosted as an invite-only event, but unleashed the potentials of VR and fashion.

In a recent Fortune article Minson Chen, product manager for alliances and business development at Samsung Electronics America, says, “We think there’s a great opportunity for virtual reality in the fashion industry whether it’s a private fashion event like this one or taking that same experience to the everyday consumer.”

Consider how VR can change the fashion show experience. Neha Singh, founder and CEO of Obsess VR, says, “With VR, we can create experiences that let anyone feel like they are sitting in the front row of a fashion show, or walk around and shop in a store anywhere in the world from your own couch.”

Can you imagine being able to walk around the latest collections wearing a VR headset seeing the garments up clo? Each look having accompanying information about the piece and allowing you to see the garments up close.


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