Computer Labs Go On Spring Break Too (Kinda)

Spring break – it’s the time of year to unwind, let loose, or just catch up on that elusive sleep. It is also a time where the computer labs around campus adjust their times of service.

Here is the 411: Starting March 20th all labs will open at their regular hours, but will close earlier at 7:30pm Monday – Thursday and 6:30pm on Friday. Then go out and enjoy your weekend, because computer labs will be closed March 25 and 26th.

If you really need to use a computer over the weekend, just head over to the University Center – the Print Output Center (U432) on the fourth floor will keep their regularly scheduled hours and stay open from 8am until midnight.

We hope you have a happy and safe spring break! Keep up-to-date with lab hours with the links, below.

Daily Lab Hours
Lab Hours Calendar


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