10 Tech Items and Tips for Travel During Spring Break

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It’s time to let our hair down, close our laptops and leave that academic reading behind, it’s spring break! Hopefully, you’re taking a much deserved vacation, and maybe it’s to a warmer climate. But no matter the weather, here are some tech gadgets and tips for travel this season.

Auckey Optic Pro iPhone Lens

Make your smartphone photos really pop with this telephoto lens perfect for group shots or distant objects. These small lightweight lenses easily affix to any Android, Samsung or iPhone with an included clip, you don’t even need to remove the case. Get one on Aukey’s website or on Amazon, your Instagram followers will thank you!

Trackable Tiles

Unfortunately safety and crime can be a big concern for spring break travelers, but new technology can give you more peace of mind that you’ll be able to find important lost or stolen items. There many versions of small tiles or rings that can be connected to your phone, computer or wallet. Here is four-pack from TrackR of silver rings that can attach to all kinds of items and are easily tracked with an app. The $80 price point might seem steep, but the price of replacing important valuables would be way higher.

Portable Speakers

Beach or mountains, wherever you go it can be great to have a portable speaker to relax to your favorite tunes. The cream of the crop is definitely the Ultimate Ears U-E Roll a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that features 9-hours of 360° audio for $99.99. If you want a cheaper version there is also the Nude Audio Move S wireless bluetooth speaker, which is only $19 on Amazon.

RazorPlus Portable Phone Charger

Long days of touring a new city are definitely going to take a hit on your battery life, so having a backup charger for on the go charging is good idea. The well-reviewed, RazorPlus Portable Phone Charger is pretty affordable, at only $29.99 from their website, and it holds up to two whole charges.


Trip-It is the travel app of all travel apps. It forwards confirmation emails, syncs your calendars, makes a master itinerary for everyday of your trip, and more. Basically, it does all your organizing for you, leaving you to really experience a hassle free vacation.

Tip! Remember to Turn-Off Roaming

If you’re traveling internationally or somewhere with little cell service, don’t forget to get an international plan or turn your data off. Many apps use data in the background, so you could rack up a hefty fee if you leave it on.

Tip! Backup, Backup, Backup

It might be obvious, but where you’re traveling it could be difficult to upload to the cloud, so make sure to save trip photos and videos to other devices like a USB or hard drive. Furthermore, you should backup your data before you leave to a safe location, just in case something happens to your phone or laptop during your trip.

Tip! Download Before You Go

Again, it might be a no-brainer, but downloading any movies, TV, podcasts or books ahead of time is essential for vacation and in-flight entertainment. Don’t rely on airport or hotel wifi to download big media.

Tip! Immerse Yourself

Perhaps, the most important part of travel is getting to know a new culture! Tech can aid in interacting with locals in a foreign country with a new language. There are many, many translation apps out there, but Google translate is one of the best. It can translate text from photos or audio and can even work offline. Just download the language you’ll need before your trip. Plus, it’s free!

Tip! Unplug!

Now that you have safe tech tips and gadgets, make sure to truly enjoy your vacation. A trip can be a healthy time to take a break or lessen your tech usage. Get out and see the sights, eat the food, have the experience of a lifetime. Use your phone and technology to enhance and not take-away from these experiences.


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