Congrats Grads!

On behalf of The New School’s Team IT, we would like to say a huge congratulations to our 2017 graduates! Over the years, we have enjoyed working alongside you and seeing the growth of The New School Community.

As a New School Grad, you will have continued access to your New School Google Drive suite, which pretty much means unlimited storage for the rest of your life. Who couldn’t use that? To keep your account active, it must be logged into at least once every six months. Keeping your account live also means you can stay connected to The New School community as you continue to further your advancement.

We also encourage you to use the Village, as you are looking for your next career steps. You will still have access to the careers module and it is a very useful tool for finding jobs that are targeted to The New School community. Employers post to our Village site looking for the talent that is emerging from this school specifically.

We look forward to all of the amazing things you are going to accomplish!


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