Reflection on Fashion Films


In OJ and Cigs video, context relates to the garment through her narration and struggles in life. The garments she showcased in the video represented a free and experimental style this paralleled with her narration in the video about how she is freeing herself from the cage she placed in her mind. further, the eyes in the garments play a vital role and go along with her theory of looking at the world around her and being inspired by that rather than looking at her own self. She is also seen in an artistic neighborhood in Miami which links well with the garments she was wearing in the video as they were trendy encompassing the free spirited and expressive nature of the location. The music in the video created an enlightening and inspirational atmosphere which went along well with the clothing and narration being showcased in the video. After watching this video I would also like to add narration in my video as I feel like adding a story to your garments propels a deeper response from the viewer

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