Project 2: Chair


This project is meant to represent a creative breakthrough. The chair is done in black and white using the technique of photo transfer to show old childhood memories. The top of the chair is done in origami to show the birth of creativity. This was left blank to show the future in contrast to the past depicted in the chair.

The process of making this chair was to first assemble it, then use gesso to cover the entire chair. The next step was to print out a series of black and white pictures in reverse that would be transferred onto the chair. The chair and the pictures were covered with acrylic matte medium and left to dry for 3 days. Then using a sponge and a toothbrush I carefully removed the top layers of the paper to reveal the black and white pictures underneath. Finally, I covered the entire chair with gel medium to maintain a glossy finish

fdstudio-spiral-club-chair_283x195This spiral club chair was a source of inspiration for our final product. My partner and I liked the movement created by this piece and were inspired to add movement in our own piece.

Memory Project: 1


My first studio project was based on an memory in which “everything changed”. The memory I chose to highlight was when there was a lock down in my school. I used digital media to showcase this memory. I fine tuned the experience so that it could be represented by symbols. The symbols I chose was a broken hour glass to symbolise time stopping, barbed wire to show constraint, and butterflies to symbolise metamorphosis. The background also moves from being grimy and muted to a burst of colour to show how the memory allowed me to find my path. I used photoshop to create this piece and I uses the layer tool and the opacity tool.