Gary Hill – Viewer and Other Works

Viewer (1996)

Here’s Gary Hill discusses his work Viewer (1996)

 Wall Piece (2000)
A description can be found here
“Hill’s powerful text articulates the anxiety surrounding the process of becoming, of passing from one plane to another, of waiting at the threshold for some critical moment of transformation.”

In as Much as It Is Always Already Taking Place (1990)
Sixteen-channel black-and-white video, sound (sixteen cathode ray tubes); 5-to-30 second loops,
Unmoored from their usual spatial and temporal relationship to one another, these body parts are treated almost as a still life or landscape painting. Indeed, the work can be seen as a vanitas image; the visceral sounds and the barely moving, harshly lit figure are the only signs of life and thus serve as reminders of its transience—and perhaps also of the impermanent nature of electronic media. This disturbing and complex video installation suggests many dichotomies: being and knowing, self and other, private and public, reality and imagination.

Art Institute of Chicago

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