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Project Proposal #1

Infinity Box

Tanya Jain

My project revolves around the idea of time and its relation to infinity. The infinity box shows how there is a starting point to something, but no end point. Although its an illusion to the eye, what we conclude is simply dependent to our sense of sight. Sight being the strongest, even that can blur our knowledge. Hence, how time

Because infinity means a stretch of space and time, I think it related to the idea of time through measuring it in number or simply experiencing. Time is embedded in this project, because the never ending point shows time. It is meant to be experienced by touching and looking at me. As I will be making an infinity box, it will help the viewers see what infinity looks like, but when they touch it, it will just be illusional.

The reason I want to work on this project idea is because understanding it and then changing its complete meaning will be interesting to see.


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  1. John Roach · April 22, 2014 Reply

    Good start for your proposal. I think you will want to start doing some sketches and looking for examples to help elaborate your idea.

    I think it important that you make clear the relationship between this DEVICE and the understanding of time. What makes it clear to us? We can be seduced by an illusion (because that’s what this is) but how do you move beyond an “effect” to a realization about this idea of time going on and on and on and on.

    What are examples?
    What are cultural understandings of time and the infinite? For example in your own culture? What are scientific ideas about time and space and an expanding universe?

    Can we get the meaning from this box? Or does it need to be part of something else? Remember it is an installation so the box can be accompanied by other things.

    Here are some examples for you:
    Iván Navarro – Water Towers (Madison Square Park)
    Brion Gysin – dream machine
    Another device that transforms a static image into something else: the Zoetrope

    ALSO Here’s the original instructions for the proposal
    The project begins with a statement of purpose
    This is the what how and why of the proposal.

    What is the subject of your project? In other words, what is it about?
    How does the project propose to explore time? How is time a critical part of it? How is it meant to be experienced — Who is the project for? How does the context for the piece help to give it meaning?
    Why have you chosen this particular idea to pursue?

    Write a three paragraph initial proposal covering the What, How and Why of your idea.
    Posted this initial proposal to the blog with the following
    – initial sketches
    – relevant photographs
    – relevant research
    – draw connections to the Open Works examples posted on the blog

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