Open Works Time Project Proposal- 10 Ideas Elise Mascia

1. Snap chat story composed of all snap chats that have been taken in the time spent in New York

2. Video of dress shape changing over time in History, maybe predictions of future dress shape based on history

3. Video of piece of designed clothing as it progresses over time, presented along with article of clothing.

4. Graphic animation video progress over time, along with graphic animation

5. object/dress made out of living things (flowers), video as it progresses over time-show life and death of dress

6. video of pictures taken of same person in same place at several different times to capture the change in time but same variable of person

7. video representing first person how drugs effect the mind (use editing effects on premier/photoshop)

8. printmaking series inspired by Andy Warhol, series of prints/ progression of prints

9. Video representing Time now verse Time at home in Cleveland- How I’ve changed, how things have changed

10. Picture video of myself changing overtime through several pictures flashing of myself and the changes that have occurred as time passes, (pictures of self growth) over time


The subject of my project is my life in New York shown by way of a snap chat story.

The Project proposes to explore time by capturing my life in short segments of video and displaying them on a loop in present time. The project also captures the essence of the time of year and technology at the time of my first year of college in New York City. The project is also composed in a time-based medium of video which requires a certain amount of time to watch.

I have chosen this project because it relates personally to my time here in New York and my first year of college, a huge change from my former life at school. The time experienced in these few months is different from my time spent in the past at home because of the huge differences I face in a new place and more difficult tasks that I must complete and take responsibility for on my own.

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  1. John Roach · April 22, 2014 Reply

    I think the thing to consider here is the NETWORKED nature of time that this represents. Presenting your life in this format is no more neutral than presenting it as a series of facebook posts, poloroids, sketches, etc. The media tells the story and in this case the media is LOADED with significance.

    You are capturing something ephemeral and forcing it into a form.
    You are taking an abbreviated mode of communication and using it to represent larger movements in your life and in time.
    As you mentioned in class, you are using a form that is traditionally considered one that lends fragmentation to our lives and using it to create something cohesive.

    This is an interesting and complicated story and you may want to consider the fact that a single video may or may not tell enough of that story. Seek contrast. Look for ways that you can make this particular kind of time apparent to us.

    Remember that this is about the perception of and presentation of time.

    ALSO, here are the instructions for the proposal:
    Here’s the original instructions
    The project begins with a statement of purpose
    This is the what how and why of the proposal.

    What is the subject of your project? In other words, what is it about?
    How does the project propose to explore time? How is time a critical part of it? How is it meant to be experienced — Who is the project for? How does the context for the piece help to give it meaning?
    Why have you chosen this particular idea to pursue?

    Write a three paragraph initial proposal covering the What, How and Why of your idea.
    Posted this initial proposal to the blog with the following
    – initial sketches
    – relevant photographs
    – relevant research
    – draw connections to the Open Works examples posted on the blog

  2. Elise · April 24, 2014 Reply

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the display of my piece and how I will use audio.

    I was thinking about the concept of having the phone alone in a room and the viewer watching the video from the phone with the audio playing from speakers in the room with surround sound.

    This would give the feeling of loneliness (from being alone in the room) but also capture a feeling of connection with the people in the video because the sound would be surrounding them.

    This plays into the idea of social media and the controversy of how it connects people through the internet but also segregates the user because it allows for people to connect without physical contact.

    This connects to my piece because my piece touches on technology in the present and how we use technology to connect with each other right now.

    I also started to think about what the audio will contain.

    My idea is to have a constant audio of a mashup of sounds that I will record of my life with my friends. Basically it will be a constant, slightly muted background noise of conversation and my time in NYC.

    Any necessary audio from the video will play at a normal or heightened volume to be heard over the background music.

    I may also add in a constant sound or beat that gives the audio its own sense of time awareness. This sound would play on how time can be connected in a piece where time is discontinuous.

    This gives the piece it’s own time continuum and adds a new aspect of time, the present, which the viewer exists in.

  3. John Roach · April 26, 2014 Reply

    OK, sounds interesting. The beat is a good idea in terms of how it might emphasize the notion that you are looking at TIME. I have speakers that I can bring in for good sound that you can control.

    I think we need to see some content now. How will it be arranged, how does it progress in terms of sequencing. how does the image and sound work together. I recommend Cutting together a brief test and posting it to the blog for feedback.


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