Open Works Proposal #1 – Morgan Moore

The subject of my project is the change in perception over time of the same location. I hope to explore the ways that we ground ourselves within spaces as well as how space changes our sense of self over time. My project will consist of video with live narration describing in some way as yet undecided the transformation of the space vis a vis my perspective. The video will be filmed entirely in the first person, and be various walks and journeys through my neighborhood, the highline, the new school buildings, etc. I will trace the paths i took when i visited the school for the first time.

Through these multiple visits in a similar space, I will describe and document my experience and the more universal experience of “quotodienfication” or the act of making the unusual routine. The element in time is critical because it alone fully describes the distinction between “old” and “new”, “alien” and “familiar”.


I have chosen this idea for two main reasons, firstly, my other idea involving “delayed perspective” has already been explored to some extent (minus the intrusive time element), and secondly, because I want to capture exactly what being acclimated by New York City, or becoming a New Yorker, really entails.

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  1. John Roach · April 26, 2014 Reply

    I like this idea of attempting to describe the change that creeps over us over time and usually happens without our knowing or being able to pinpoint that specific moment when one begins to feel ‘comfortable” or acquires the knowledge that changes their relationship to an activity or place.

    I don’t have any recommendation off the top of my head that directly relate to this idea, but some possible references might be:
    Vito Acconci

    In some ways this touches on the idea of behavior that some others in the class are interested in.

    The clip we watched from Chantal Ackerman also resonates:

    There is of course always the example of the usual made strange. A good example of this is someone like Gregory Crewsden:
    or Jeff Wall:

    I think the trick might be in effectively giving us this progressive idea of a changed perspective. It is an excellent challenge and one that could certainly point back to your Elevator piece in terms of the power of jump cuts and juxtaposition.

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